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Zur Stecherei

The -Stecherei- was founded in 2012 by Marian Merl. Initially in small and informal atmosphere, the project soon began to take bigger steps. 2013 Kim Scheed joined the -Stecherei-, Florian Korlath came along shortly.


On the daily agenda are high quality tattoos from different creative fields. Blackwork tattoos are the hallmark of the
-Stecherei-, which are fully inked in black color. This type of body art has already become more than just work, but life philosophy that connects the team and formed a strong bond beyond being only colleagues. That creates a friendly and positive ambience, which affects most of the people entering the studio.


We only do tattoos that meet the tattooist's standards. Therefore trust and a certain level of appreciation for the artist are key requirements for a successful tattoo.



Marian Merl
Kim Scheed


Nachricht erfolgreich versendet!

Zur Stecherei

Schottenfeldgasse 86

1070 Wien

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In order for your new tattoo to remain vibrant and to guarantee a good healing process it's important to stick to the following intructions. Each person's skin is different, if you feel uncertain about something, feel free to ask your tattooist before you might do something wrong.


// You can remove the plastic wrap after 5-6 hours.


// Afterwards wash up your tattoo with hot water and maybe unperfumed soap. Dab it dry gently (never rub!), then add a fine layer of Bepanthen ointment. Repeat this process every morning and evening. A fresh tattoo should never dry out. Apply creme repeatedly if two times a day doesn't suffice.


// The clothing that covers your tattoo should be clean and made out of cotton.


// If the clothes stick to the tattoo, you can detach it carefully with a bit warm water (don’t tear!).


// Take measures to prevent animal hair to get onto the fresh tattoo, especially in the bedroom while asleep.


// Depending on your skin type, the first week your wound will get incrusted, which falls off after a few days by itself -
never scrape, even if it itches!


// If no scab is seen, your tattoo has healed, but some cream still won’t hurt.

You should also avoid:


// Sunbathing (also tanning booths) and direct sunlight, especially during the healing process
(afterwards always use sunblock so the tattoo does not fade)


// Sauna during the healing process


// Pool (no chlorine water into fresh wounds)


Please take the care-instructions seriously! A tattoo is nothing but a wound and if you treat it as that,
you will have longtime pleasures with it.



// How do I get an appointment?

Doors are open on wednesdays and fridays from 11am to 6pm (also for unannounced visits) to discuss your ideas personally. Therefore references aren’t bad to be able to make a first impression of your ideas. Making appointments by e-mail or facebook message is only in exceptional cases possible (for example, too long journey).


// How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

Waiting times for appointments vary with the motive and tattooist, so an accurate estimation of the waiting time can be only given on sight. 


// Is there something to consider for the appointment?

No alcohol, no drugs. Eat and drink extensively. Bring comfortable and loose clothing.


// What are the approximated costs of a tattoo?

We can’t say what a tattoo approximately costs, because it depends on various subjective factors, such as: motive, detail, size of the motive, skin type and texture, sense of pain, part of the body and much more.


// Deposit?

To fix an appointment € 50 are required as a deposit.


// How old do I have to be at least?

18! So take your ID with you.


// Can I bring company?

No, for concentration during the tattooing process, it is necessary to keep the environment in the working area as calm as possible. Too loud private conversations interfere with the creative flow.

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